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“We only breed Mini Aussies” 

Our dog Luna is such a doll. She is so sweet and kind. We appreciate Terri taking such good care of Luna. She sent us pictures every week and kept us updated. We would recommend Cherry Hill Aussie’s to anyone! It was the best experience.

Mary and Mitch

Greetings Terri,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for bringing our new forever fur baby into our lives. You made the selection process, personality match, purchase and transport to us incredibly easy. We decide on the name Chase Aric Maier! He is truly perfect in every means of the word. Full of energy and excitement, we could not be happier! We are truly blessed to have had our paths cross at the perfect time. Chase is playful, loving and has the bluest eyes you just fall in love with. The carrier agent you selected did an incredible job caring for him in transport. We will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone who asks where to get the perfect Mini Aussi. God bless you and your family, may you have continued success in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Gregory & Carrie Maier
Upstate New York

I renamed Quinn, Oakley and she is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. She’s full of energy, loves to cuddle, swim, rock climb, and run in the park. She loves making new friends at the dog park and coming along on car rides. At 8 months She doesn’t weigh more than around 20lbs, she’s the perfect size for me. I’m so happy with my Mini Aussie, I’m always getting compliments on how beautiful she is, and i always recommend you all, definitely worth the purchase and drive, thanks again for my best friend! -Kennedy (:

Hey Mrs. Terri,
We hope y’all are doing great! I just wanted to send in an update on Josie (DOB 1/02/17). She is an amazing dog! She is so smart and very spoiled! She looks so much like her dad (Skillet)! We are so thankful we found y’all and we brought home our sweet Josie Mae! She is also great with our nieces and nephews! We can’t say enough good things about Cherry Hill Aussies! We have recommended you to a couple of our friends and family! Thanks so much!
-Justin & Whitney Faulkner

Hi Terri,
We got her as soon she arrived at the cargo building. We are still here with her.We opened the cage in the car and waited for her to feel comfortable to come out! My son is soooooo happy! And I couldn’t hold my tears of joy! That’s him praying in gratitude! Thank you so very much! Sophie McDowell

Hi Terri,
Blue is a delight!  So loving and super smart! We got his 3rd series of shots yesterday, and weighed 13 lbs!  My vet thinks he’s just gorgeous!
Blue can come, sit, stay, lay down, drop, “leave it”  and walk on a leash (he has a harness). He started to fetch, without being taught; he just started to bring me the tennis ball, carrying it by the fuzzies!  Blue is very food motivated, making him easy to train. In fact he likes to nap under the kitchen table next to his food container! I use some of his daily kibble for treats or else he’d be huge!
We’re going to start an AKC puppy kindergarten class next week, so Blue can hang out with puppies. He has older dog
friends in the neighborhood and lots of kids to play with, but I thought it would be good for him to be around puppies. We can’t believe how fast Blue is! He just flies!
The biting thing has gotten much better. Also… That one eye is interesting. It has dark brown coming in, but only 1/2 ways. It really pretty

Susan and Blue

She’s just absolutely perfect. My daughter needed her more than I knew. We all needed her. She if the perfect thing to be thankful for. She reminds us so much of Twiz in so many ways and you are such a good responsible breeder. I am so glad I found you. She was meant for us.

Thank you,  Jo Ellen Laws

It’s been a couple, at least 6 years, since we brought Buckeye home. His name was changed to Charley and he is the VERY BEST baby ever!!  He is very sweet to his kitty sister Quienvere, even when she’s not. He passed “Doggy school” as the kids called it with flying colors. I never worry with the kids outside getting into anything because Charley is quick to keep them in line.

I always recommend Cherry Hill Aussies, when people ask about Charley. I just wanted you to see how beautiful he’s gotten and say thank you for such a beautiful baby.

Shanna & Mike Wallace

Hi My Friend….
We named her Bella Blue and we call her Belle for short… And, No way am I ready to give her up… She is my Angel… You would not believe how smart she is, We have a small pool for the grandkids and she loves to swim… She will potty on her paper and
loves the outdoors. We are so proud of her and so happy we have her. She has enriched our lives so much. Brady takes
good care of her, I believe he wants to keep her too!! hehe

Hi Terri,

One more thing…I think that Pearl is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered!  And I have been around a lot of dogs!  I can tel lshe must’ve had a wonderful upbringing!  🙂


Hi, just thought I would update you on Cosmo. He’s still doing super! He’s starting therapy dog classes on March 24th and then will get his good canine citizen after that. He’s so beautiful and so smart (thank god he doesn’t have hands!) I couldn’t have asked for a better dog, we love him. He was just to the vet and is happy and healthy and weighs about 36lbs so he’s a little bigger than Annie and Angus. We had our first big snow and he LOVED it, I couldn’t get him back inside. I have attached some pics for you. Hope all is well with your aussies.
Cindy, Matt & Cosmo


Just wanted to let you know Tonka is doing well and I am just THRILLED with him. He is such a good boy. He met my niece, a nephew, my mom and dad and one of my grandmothers and he was great with them. My mom couldn’t get over how quiet and well behaved he was. He loved playing with my nephew, who is nine, and snuggled in the lap of my fourteen year old niece and I’m not sure who was happier about it.

He is happy, bouncy and playful and is a source of pure joy. Thank you for the wonderful addition to my family. I’ll keep you updated and send you some pics on him in his new home.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Clifft

Mrs. Terri,

I can’t tell you how very pleased we are with our little Aggie. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She is already showing signs of great intellegence. She keeps me company during the day and plays party poker on the computer with Kevin at night. She is full of love and affection for each and every member of our family. I HIGHLY RECOMEND this breed of dog to anyone looking for a companion. We will be purchasing another one from you in the future. Keep us posted on your girls and please let us know of any upcoming liters.
Thank you so much!!

Nancy Pillow

Over a week ago my miniature aussi was stolen, he was four years old. I got his papers and realized that y’all were the breeders, he was out of your Annie dog and Jacks are Better. He just turned four. I’ve looked all over for him and I’ve had no luck. He was probably the best dog I’ve ever had. I’ve thought long and hard and I think its just better if I replace him with another. I’ve enclosed a picture, just thought you would like it, he would ride anything if I was near. I’m highly interested in buying another pup.

Thanks for your time,

Jason Fortner

We adore her, she’s just the best thing that’s happened to us. She’s so much fun, she’s so happy, so playful. Still wary of strangers, but that’s part of the breed from what I understand. We are completely in love with that dog. Ellen can’t wait to get home from work just to see her. She can sit, and shake, and lay down, roll over and stay. Still doesn’t like fetch too much, and she won’t catch things in the air, I guess that’ll come in time.

We’ll get you more pics very soon, she’s getting so big!


Hi Terri,
Haven’t heard from you so I guess my testimonial didn’t make it through. I’ll write one here for you to post.

Our boy, Buddy, is just the most awesome little guy. He’s like a big dog in puppy clothes, just seems to know everything that is expected of him. He’s so confident, and inquisitive, nothing gets past him. He dealt with my 2 year old female who didn’t really think we needed another dog, by just being himself, and after a point, not taking any guff, lol. When he first met one of the cats, he gave her a wide berth, and never charged in, he’s just as quiet with her as can be. As you can tell, we’re quite captivated with this guy. He’s one special boy, and his physical qualities are also amazing. What a cutie! Thanks for all you did with him before he made it to Michigan. I know that socialization period was well spent under your special care and is so appreciated by us. Thank you!!!!!

Susan Wingfield

Just thought I would let you know how much we love Asher. He is now two years old and the love of our lives. We shave him in the summer because he loves to play in the water from the hose. He has two best friends; our cat MaGruver and our Sheltie Mo. His favorite place to be is in our laps on the couch. I can’t believe how much we love this dog. Thanks for letting us get him from you.

Liane Meadors

Mom and the whole family is in love with Mom’s toy. We have so much fun teaching him tricks. His name is Auzzie, and he can sit, stay, speak,shake hands, high five and whisper! Yes, he can whisper!!! We keep wondering what we can teach him next. He is such a joy for all of us. Thanks so much….we are hooked on Aussies, and our Auzzie. I will send you a picture of him and Mom.

Dede Wilson

Dear Terri,
My whole family loves Reba.She has grown and is so beautiful. She was very easy to trian.We appriciate her very much and we wanted to say thank you!

Eve Blankenship

Hey Miss Terri just wanted to tell you Reba and Gypsy are both great dogs they love to play together and my grandchildren love them both. Reba is already fully housebroke uses the doggy door and when Gypst comes to visit she uses it too.Ithink she is going to be very easy to train also cant wait to see the new litter on your web page. I am still begging for another puppy so dont know yet about getting a third one we will see after all it is the holiday I could say it was for another grandchild anyway have a great day.



It has been a while since I last emailed you. I just wanted to say hi and give you an update. Maddox is wonderful and so beautiful! He is the most obedient dog ever, everywhere I go people are so impressed bc he doesnt need a leash and he listens to every command I give him. And I am planning on getting another dog from you soon, hopefully! This time I want a red merle girl though. Hope you like the pictures!


Hi Terri,
Remember me? We bought one of your puppies in April. Wanted to update you on her progress and send you some pictures. I don’t have any good ones of her and mom yet but, I will send you some soon.
Anyway, she is doing great!!! She is so smart, she amazes us sometimes. She has been a great companion for mom. If you remember my dad had recently passed away. She was just what mom needed. They love each other so much. It’s so cute, she will play with me and the kids but, she always has to know where mom is. She will actually stop playing to go check on mom. As soon as she checks on her she will come back and play. She loves to play soccor. She works out in the yard with mom and stays close to her at all times. Her name is Angel. She is very bossy though. She is not shy to let us know what she wants or needs. She is very cute and funny. It’s been raining. She loves the rain. She will come through her doggie door and bark so mom can wipe her paws… She knows the routine.

Hope you enjoy the pictures .I will send you some pics of her and mom soon.


Hey Terri, sorry I haven’t provided a testimonial yet! We’ve been busy with the Pup! She’s such a good girl – except she loves her “job” which is watching us all day. It makes leaving the house very difficult. Hopefully we can give her a different “job” to do so she can handle her alone time! Maybe she should babysit Bucky, he’s still available? =]

Our Aussie Remmi arrived clean, healthy, and happy. The moment we took her into our arms we were in love. She chased us around as we played in the yard, she snuggled in our laps, and she had a great positive attitude. Remmi is now 12 weeks and she is just so smart and fantastic. She can learn tricks within minutes and prefers positive praise over food. She’s eager to please and super smart. She is so loyal and loves to watch me work from home, loves to watch TV, and LOVES fetching the ball. I am so pleased with her. I hope you guys keep breeding these dogs forever!

Chandler Quintin

Hi Terri,
We made it home with Rosie and she is doing great. Running around making herself at home. As you know, I had worked all night and when we got home I went to bed and she crawled up with me and snuggled up and slept with me the rest of the day. I am overjoyed to have her and feel blessed to have such a loving animal. Thank you so much.

Denise Chapman

Good Morning!

Sorry we missed your call last evening. Donnie has decided to name Trevor “Camo” and he seems to be taking to the name already. He is so loveable and friendly and well behaved!!! You did a wonderful job with him. He and Abbi get a long fine and didn’t have any problems sharing the same bed with us last night! Camo only got sick one time on the second trip we took him out on yesterday afternoon and Donnie has been playing fetch with him the rest of the time.

I will send more pictures as we take them!

Thank you again for allowing us to take him home!

Kathi Kinder

Hi Terri,
We love the puppy that we got from you. He is just a little ball of energy that never stops running around. He makes us laugh because he chases out feet and tries to herd us around the yard. I know he will make a great addition to our family and i thank you so much. We decided to name him \”Khaos\” for his energy and speed. I will send pictures that I take.

Alyssa Reeves

Hi Terri,
A novel wouldn’t be sufficient to describe my “Case”. His personality is one for the books!

Case is one of the happiest and most loving dogs I have ever seen. He is into absolutely everything—swimming, playing ball, playing anything lol, tug-a-war, penning cattle, chasing chickens and so much more. There is a drawer for his toys/treats filled to the brim! I love spoiling my boy. He loves being outside, but will snuggle up next to me in bed and sleep all day… and he sleeps on a pillow, just like I do!

Case is extremely intelligent and very protective of me and his home.
He never wants to let us out of his sight, actually, he NEVER let’s us out of his sight!

Anything that I fix myself to eat, Case thinks he should have a share as well. He eats everything from Cheez-It’s to baked potatoes! Such a character.

I am so thrilled to have such a loyal and obedient companion. He watches out the window as I leave for work (tears) and he is at the door waiting when I get home. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Molly and Case-Alabama

Molly Jackson

Miss Terry,
Thought I would show you our Auzzie.  Mom purchased him from you over 2 years ago.  He is so very smart, and we all love him so very much.  In the picture is my 2 year old grand daughter.  Auzzie is so gentle and loving with her.
Just wanted to share an update.  Auzzie and Mom are an inseparable pair.

Thank you again for our sweet Auzzie.

Dede Wilson
Dot Peel

Thank you so much for blessing us with this wonderful dog. He is truly an intelligent & caring dog. He is a bundle of joy to take out. He is still learning to walk, but he will soon master it. He knows basic commands and loves to jump in the air. Hopefully he will soon be able to catch a frisbee!

I’ve attached photos from the time I got him to now. I cut his hair for the summer because it is burning up this year!


As promised, here are a few pics of puppy. One shows Case trying to figure this new toy out. He’s still unsure about sharing his toys, but he’s slowly learning that she’s not a threat. She’s acclimating well, already eating like crazy, and has moved from behind my neck to a post she has claimed on top of the recliner. She’s full of herself! I’ll send more pics as I take them. Thanks again for all your help!

Ms. Terri I just wanted to let you know how much we love our babies we got from you!!! Camo and I am about to start agility training and Boogie will start when he get old enough. I will keep you posted on how they are doing

Donna Hill
Conway, AR.

Hi Terri. I just wanted to say thank you for our two puppies. Our girls love their Santa gifts. They r beautiful and loveable. I wish you had some more available right now because my son wants one too. I’m looking for one more and thought of you first. I truly enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do so in the future.

Sammich Gryder
Henryetta, OK.

Hey, I just wanted to update you on Charlie who was “Uno”. He truly is one of a kind. He’s brilliant! He’s already completely house broken. He knows sit, down, high five, and fetch! And he continues to surprise us everyday with how well he is able to learn. Charlie is the best companion we could have ever asked for. He always wants to be with us, right under our feet. Charlie has adapted well to being a little brother to our husky mix. They love to play with each other, and they don’t like to be apart! We are definitely mini aussie addicts now:) I’ll send you some more pictures soon. I had a minute so I wanted you to see a picture of our sweet boy. We already have plans to go play with some other Cherry Hill aussies who live here in Tuscaloosa too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jaime and Justin Foulks
Tuscaloosa, AL

The most wonderful companion any family could ever have. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.
The Chivers Family.

Samantha Chivers

Hello! I’m Victoria. We are the couple that got Doolittle. I just wanted to send you a few pictures & tell you how AWESOME he has been! He loves to play & be loved on. He is such a smart puppy! We have been working with him a lot since the day we brought him home. He knows how to sit, lay down, spin & roll over! He is finally used to riding in the vehicle. With our families living in Louisiana we do a lot of traveling. We take him everywhere we go to keep him used to riding. He is best friends with our cat, Sherbert, they play together, sleep together & so much more. This puppy has brought so much joy to us. It is a fight with him chewing on everything but I know that’s just him being a puppy. We try to distract him with toys when he chews on things he shouldn’t be. My floor is covered in toys! Lol. We did give him another name though. Nanook. A name I’ve always wanted to give to a dog & it just really fit him. We have done A LOT of research on his bread. We try to let him know all the time when he is doing something good. I love that he always wants to be around us! I’m so sorry I haven’t emailed you until know! But again, thank you so much. He is such an awesome dog & we are so lucky. I have recommended Austrial Shepard’s to everyone from my experience so far!

Both these guys have gotten so big !!!! Happy Puppy’s Day to my granddoggie Donnie on the left and my baby Rudy on the right. God bless Terri Moore and Cherry Hill Breeders for 2 wonderful puppies. They make me happy every day

Mari Jean Gazzillo Raulerson

I purchased a puppy when I was in college at Oklahoma Sate University in 2006. Paloma is getting ready to celebrate her 10th Birthday, and she is still as active as she was when she was a puppy. Her temperament and easy going playful attitude has kept me smiling for the last 10 years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better best furry friend. I was so excited to stumble upon an old e-mail today from Terri, and find that the website is still the same, and that they are still raising puppies. Great people, and their dogs are great too!

JonAnn Duffek

It has been six years since I got my Nike. DOB 12/5/09. She is the most wonderful dog. I am so proud to be her forever Mom. She well mannered, great with other dogs, children and adults. She is a registered Pet Therapy dog and loves visiting in the nursing homes. We are members of the Little Rock Dog Training Club and enjoy competition in obedience and Rally. This year we qualified for the AKC National Championship. We didn’t come home with ribbons, but learned a lot and enjoyed seeing all the activity. There were only five Miniature American Shepherds there. People kept telling me how beautiful Nike was. I was proud of her, she worked hard and deserved to be at National. We are planning on going again this year. I was nervous this time and feel like we can do better next time. Nike was great. This handler was just nervous. I could go on forever about how sweet, obedient, fun and loving Nike is. I’ve had dogs most of my 77 yrs. – butonly one Miss Perfect – like Nike. Is it any wonder that this breed dog had already moved up to #17 in AKC’s list of most popular dogs. And only been an approved breed by AKC for a few years. My Nike is the best dog friend anyone could ever have. I’m so proud of her. I’m retired and spend most of my time working and playing with Nike. She is a big part of making every day pleasant and fun.

Lou Johnston

Hi, I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to send some picture updates of Bella (that’s what I renamed Pipa!)
I love her with my whole heart!!! She is sassy and loving, she LOVES playing fetch with balls and socks haha and she is very social! She never wants to miss out on anything, loves people and her best friend is my parents black lab!
She will be 10 months old on August 21st and weighs about 13lbs right now!
Thank you for introducing me to my best girl! ❤

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